GSM Infrastructure Monitoring System

The system is designed as a tool in monitoring the functionality of telecommunication supporting device and hardware such as: Mobile Switching Center (MSC), Base Station Control (BSC), and Base Transmission Station (BTS) along with Geocoding the Base Transmission Station.

All the information is visualized geographically which will enable User to easily identify each location of existing device and its performance.

Based on the data entered the system can also be used to analyze the acheter du cialis en ligne performance of each device which in result shows the appropriate and favorable level of traffic calls, failed calls, dropped calls, etc in certain area. This analysis becomes very useful in improving services in telecommunication industry.

Analyses provided in Telecommunication Monitoring System are as follows:

  • Traffic Calls
  • Failed Calls
  • Blocking
  • Dropped Calls
  • Attempts (Volume Calls)
  • HO Failures
  • Occupancy HLR
  • Occupancy VLR
  • Occupancy C7
  • Utilization Trunk Voice (UTV)
  • ASR
  • CSR
  • CCR

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