Encom Discover™ 3D v2012


Encom DiscoverTM 3D is the ultimate 3D extension for MapInfo® Professional/Encom Discover. With Encom Discover 3D you can effortlessly transition your MapInfo Professional datasets into a rich and intuitive 3D environment. Rapidly visualise, analyse and model your drillhole and related datasets in true 3D, and then dynamically plan follow-up drilling to test your theories. Encom Discover 3D effectively bridges the gap between GIS and specialist mine-planning systems, giving geoscientists access to all forms of data from many different sources in one integrated 3D environment.

Discover 3D allows you to gain a fresh perspective on your datasets, and identify subtle 3D trends and spatial relationships simply not apparent in the 2D environment. Combine, visualise, interrogate, and model your many MapInfo Professional geochemical, lithological, geophysical, hydrological, and geomechanical datasets in a dynamic 3D environment. Enhance this with data from other mining and 3D applications: Discover 3D directly supports a wide range of industry 3D formats, from vector files though to voxel (block) models.
Leverage this accurate and informative 3D blend of your varied datasets to confidently interpret and model them directly in 3D; rapidly visualise and test different theories and concepts , whether you are investigating aquifer behaviour, structural controls on mineralisation or geotechnical considerations.



  • Effortless migration of MapInfo Professional datasets into the 3D environment – vector, raster and grid data, as well as drillhole projects, are all fully supported
  • Accurate 3D digitisation
  • Powerful modelling capabilities, from solid wireframing and extrusion through to block/voxel model interpolation
  • Real-time drillhole planning
  • Share your 3D environments with the free Discover 3D Viewer
  • Produce eye-catching movies with dynamic data content

An Intuitive, Accessible and Seamless Experience
Discover 3D seamlessly extends MapInfo Professional into 3D, ensuring an intuitive and smooth user experience between the 2D and 3D environments. Visualising your MapInfo Professional data in 3D is effortless, whether draping aerial photography over a terrain surface, or viewing geochemical datasets. Discover 3D is also projection-savvy, with on-the-fly dataset reprojection ensuring a comparable experience to MapInfo Professional.
Intuitively navigate the 3D environment with our new onscreen controls, or plug in a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigatorTM controller for instinctive ‘fly-through’ navigation.

2D -> 3D Interoperability and Analysis is Just so Easy!
Realise the potential of true 3D drillhole and trench traces, without the inherent bias of cross-sectional representations. With just a few mouse-clicks, easily open your Discover drillhole project into Discover 3D. Quickly render drillholes and trenches with the same lithology and assay legends as already used on your cross-sections. Then accurately interpret, digitise acheterdufrance.com and model this data directly in 3D.
Want to test your interpretations and models? Dynamically design and refine drillholes (such as daughter and splay holes) to test specific targets and models at depth, such as geophysical and block model anomalies, or potential extensions to mineralisation.

Digitise and Interpret Directly in 3D

All of these visualisation options are great, but I really want to interpret my 3D data!
You can precisely interpret and digitise directly in 3D, with accurate snapping to drillholes and other 3D datasets as well as freeform drawing. Create points, polylines, polygons and surfaces, and edit, combine, cut and manipulate these objects to delineate targets and lithological boundaries. Then use these objects as the basis for more advanced modelling techniques.

Powerful Modelling Capabilities

Discover 3D is much more than a 3D visualiser, providing users with a powerful suite of modelling tools. These can assist in trend interpolation, experimentation with mineralisation scenarios, lithological delineation and structural extensions. Modelling capabilities include wireframing with tieline controls, extrusions, grid surface interpolation, as well as block (voxel) modelling with methods such as inverse distance weighting and kriging.

Produce and Share Exciting 3D Presentations
Need to share your 3D environment and interpretations with other users?
Discover 3D sessions can be viewed by anyone with our free Discover 3D Viewer, ensuring the whole team or clients can easily visualise and understand the project’s overall 3D model / development / progress.
Or create professional movies with dynamic data content throughout; perfect for eye-catching shareholder, management and conference presentations.


Encom Discover 3D 2012 is an optional licensed module for Encom Discover, and requires MapInfo Professional version 10.0 or later.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows® XP Professional 32-bit Service Pack 3 (SP3)
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1
  • Windows® 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 with 32-bit compatibility mode