MapInfo MapXtreme® 2008 v7.0



Welcome Developers to Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s latest offering in the world of .NET programming. In support of Microsoft’s .NET Framework for Windows, MapXtreme reflects a single object model for developing or extending mapping applications for the desktop, traditional client/server environments or the Web.

MapXtreme® is an application development tool for organizations who recognize that data visualization and mapping can help you make better business decisions and manage assets and operations more effectively. MapXtreme is for organizations that need to incorporate location analysis or definition into desktop, client/server and web-based products. MapXtreme can be used as a powerful analysis toolkit to make critical business decisions such as optimal locations for sales offices, how to transport products most efficiently, and how to manage and protect assets. Developers can use MapXtreme to shorten their development time and improve performance, reliability, and security.


MapXtreme® is the leading software development kit (SDK) for integrating location intelligence with existing business systems. Developers can use this powerful location intelligence software to build custom mapping applications, provide tailored views of geographic data and automate and augment business processes.

MapXtreme’s powerful spatial capabilities are geared toward solving real business problems, with a powerful, user-friendly feature set. Flexible deployment options of this location intelligence developer tool include both desktop and web from a single SDK.

Do More with Location Intelligence Software from Pitney Bowes

With MapXtreme location intelligence software, application developers can:

Deliver mapping applications for one to many users

  • Customers can see coverage areas or find nearest locations
  • Engineers can spot network disruptions and notify customers
  • Sales and service reps can get directions to their next call

Share location intelligence across the organization

  • Access original enterprise databases and varied data formats
  • Manage growing web traffic with highly scalable architecture
  • Turn spatial information into a valuable corporate asset

MapXtreme 2008 SDK
Designed for Microsoft Windows programmers who are familiar with the Microsoft .NET development environment, the MapXtreme 2008 SDK enables you to develop applications and solutions that incorporate location within your existing systems and infrastructure. It provides you the ability to develop desktop or web solutions for smart-client, client server, intranet/extranet or mixed environments.

The MapXtreme 2008 object model is 100% .NET so developers experience a tight integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with the most usable .NET spatial SDK available.

Desktop Deployment
The MapXtreme 2008 desktop development option includes numerous map application templates that automatically configure and load the mapping environment for the deployment type chosen. This includes commonly used map control tools, sample applications, and drag and drop development functionality. MapXtreme 2008 desktop option provides full support for Microsoft .NET languages such as VisualBasic.NET and C#.

Web Deployment
Much like the desktop development option, MapXtreme 2008 facilitates the rapid development of web applications by providing map application templates, multiple map control tools, sample applications, and drag and drop development functionality. All web deployable .NET languages, such as ASP.NET, can be used with MapXtreme 2008.


MapXtreme enables developers to create custom mapping applications and map-enabled applications for deployment in both Microsoft Windows desktop and web environments with one location intelligence software solution.

Key benefits of MapXtreme software include:

  • 100% .NET object model
  • Enables application development of map-centric or map-enabled location software for use throughout an organization
  • Provides a single environment for deployment of applications to desktop or the web
  • Complies with both geospatial and IT industry standards ensuring interoperability
  • Each version includes dozens of new features and functions