PT. Duta Astakona Girinda are delivering similar solutions elsewhere as well as having successfully completed rapid implementation of all the components of e-Business for leaders. PT. Duta Astakona Girinda is a global powerhouse in applying e-Business and spatial information management, bringing the best possible resources at the best cost.

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda is currently in partnership with Ministry of Culture and Tourism to develop the Electronic Tourism Information System (ETIS). ETIS provide tourism information system on the internet and integrated with the whole sector who involve in the tourism business.

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda also developing e-Commerce for IBRA to help them the whole asset of IBRA. By this system, public can identify which property suitable for her/him to buy without survey on the ground. It can be realized because PT. Duta Astakona Girinda developing system by using GIS technology based on internet technology. This combination very powerful to identify exact location on top on the earth.

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda in partnership with Ministry of Industry and Trade provides consulting and training services for SME (Small Medium Enterprise). The aim this project is to be build IT mind for SME. This project very important to implementing and successfully for e-Government.

Another project of PT. Duta Astakona Girinda is military application for command, control, communication and intelligence (C3I). This system very complex, security must be maximum and covering the whole military area of Indonesia.

And much more IT project of PT. Duta Astakona Girinda such as Y2K mitigation, e-Business for private Ssector, Government and others.