pbs-logo-blueMapInfo Professional is a comprehensive dekstop mapping tool the enables you to perform complex geographic analysis such as redistricting, linking to your remote data, dragging and dropping map objects into your applications, creating thematic maps the emphasize patterns in your data and much more.

With MapInfo the power of desktop mapping is at your complete disposal. You can display your data as points, as thematically shaded regions, as pie or bar charts, as districts, etc. You can perform geographic operations such as redistricting, combining and splitting objects and buffering. You can also make queris againts your data and access your remote data directly from MapInfo.

MapInfo is a powerful Microsoft® Windows® based mapping, so you will feel right at home with its windowing environment. MapInfo is designed to fit smoothly into your work environment, so it only changes the results you get, not the way you work.

Powerful, flexible, user-friendly
MapInfo offers an extensive portfolio of Internet and desktop software, application development tools, and data. Our products are organized by four key technology pillars: mapping, routing, geocoding and data. We also offer solutions and hosted services.
These are created by MapInfo from our technology pillars, and are designed to solve specific business problems where location information is critical.

These flagship MapInfo products allow you to create maps and perform data visualization and analysis on the desktop and over the web. We also include products to manage the spatial data used in mapping.

For building accurate, performance-driven point-to-point routing applications for Internet deployment.

Products that add spatial coordinates to data (latitude/longitude) and keep address information clean and accurate.

Comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date spatial, demographic and industry-specific databases optimized for use in MapInfo software and solutions.

Robust, dynamic applications built by MapInfo to solve specific business problems. Some solutions are available hosted over the Internet.