Duta Astakona Girinda Services

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda services are a valuable resource used by a wide variety of companies to make the most of their invesment in Spatial Information Management services, from consulting to application development to training and technical support, is available to help you solve your business challenges and ensure a seamless integration of Spatial Information Management into your existing system.

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda services specialises in bringing spatial capabilities to the leading technologies in today’s business environment - universal servers, data warehouse, intranets and the internet. We create solutions in a wide variety of industries such as telecommunication, insurance, government, financial services, utilities, retailing and transportation.

Application Development & Integration

DAG has the facility to totally customize your application - with custom menus and dialogue boxes, complex SQL queries and other languages. By partial or fully contracting out your business mapping needs to DAG experienced programming team (comprising data analysts, system designers, programmers and project managers), you leverage skill sets of a service that is a very cost effective way of achieving application development goals. Our software developers offer complete evaluation of your situation, from strategic planning to specific system design.

DAG Consulting Services

DAG Consulting Services is dedicated to providing high quality advisory services and customized software solutions to our customers. The Consulting provides a wide range of services from assisting client management in planning the application of this powerful information analysis technology through to application delivery. We work with customer in a variety of project configurations, from providing design and programming services to augment a customer’s own development staff to development of turnkey solutions. The Consulting Services staff has a high level of expertise in MapInfo Professional, MapXtreme, MapBasic, Encom Discover / 3D, Vertical Mapper, and has experience developing geographic visualization applications in variety of industries, such as Telecommunication, Sales/Marketing/Distribution, Mining, Oil and Gas, Piping Management, Military, Asset Management, Insurance and Banking.

Utilizing DAG Consulting Services will enable you to deliver MapInfo Technology to a broad user base within your organization, because you can deliver solutions specially design to meet user specific needs. Using DAG Consulting Services will allow you to leverage DAG expertise to develop these solutions in a timely manner while insuring successful implementation.

DAG Training

Knowledge transfer to the customer is the one things very important in order customer could understand application system inside. For that purposes, DAG provides training services such as below :

  • MapInfo Professional Introduction
  • MapInfo Professional Map Creation and Data Management
  • MapInfo Professional Geographic Analysis and Presentation
  • MapInfo Professional Full Module
  • MapInfo MapBasic
  • MapInfo MapXtreme.NET
  • Introduction Encom Discover NEW
  • Intermediate Encom Discover NEW
  • GIS Introduction
  • GPS Introduction

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Trend of globalization in information make Geography Information System (GIS) were being popular now a day, especially its application in business activities with regard to its capability in visualizing geo position of any information which is not can be create with another information system else. Defining in of GIS sometimes has lots of different way. Geomatics is one of many definition of GIS, but it can be defined as an information system that need basically using by computer technology to save, to manage, to analyze, and to call back for updating data purposing in geographic reference.