Technology Partners


Pitney Bowes Software (formerly Encom and MapInfo Corporation), based on Troy-New York, a leading desktop mapping company, appoint PT. Duta Astakona Girinda as International Strategy Partners to develop market in Southeast Asia Region and also as an Authorized Distributor for Indonesia. PT. Duta Astakona Girinda trainer certified to conduct MapInfo training throughout Asia region. Since 1999, PT. Duta Astakona Girinda success to become as MapInfo Excellent Technology Center and qualified to provide MapInfo services in the World especially in the Spatial Internet Technology.

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda is an Excellent Technology Center, Authorized Distributor, Authorized Training Center and International Strategic Partner.


PT. Duta Astakona Girinda and Oracle have formed a strategic alliance between PT. Duta Astakona Girinda system development and Oracles Relationship Management Applications. Together, PT. Duta Astakona Girinda and Oracle, and provide collaborative solution to joint clients in high technology, financial services, e-commerce, communications, entertainment/media, military, consumer and industrial market.

PT. Duta Astakona Girinda is an Oracle Partner


PT. Duta Astakona Girinda as Business Partners. WRAP is provides all necessary computation and analysis support for large and small organisations. In addition, administrative function, e.g. licensing and coordinating, can be included. Very efficient frequency management and planning of radio networks can be performed with WRAP.


BAKOSURTANAL (National Coordination Board for Survey and Mapping appoint PT. Duta Astakona Girinda as authorized outlet for Indonesia map distribution. PT. Duta Astakona Girinda also helping BAKOSURTANAL to setup GIS Development Guide as a reference for Government to develop GIS. PT. Duta Astakona Girinda also develop e-commerce for BAKOSURTANAL in distribution their mapping product, Indonesia map distribution.